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In some industries, creating high-quality products or research depends in large part on environmental conditions. Organizations may use a variety of controlled environments, such as dry rooms and cleanrooms, to protect these products and processes. In this article, we’ll cover what a dry room is,...

Are you in need of a cleanroom for your business or laboratory? Look no further than Allied Cleanrooms. We get many questions from "captains of industry" - from pharma to farming, manufacturing to medical, from industrial to engineering... as buyers are looking for a best-in-class manufacturer of cleanroom. With three factories here in the United States - in California, Tennessee, and Texas - we are a top-rated cleanroom supplier. Our friendly engineering staff is happy to touch base with you one-on-one as to your cleanroom project and specifications.

USP 797 is  a standard established by the United States Pharmacopeia Convention (USP), a scientific non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the quality of the American drug/ pharmaceutical supply, USP 797 also outlines the required procedures for compounding sterile drug preparations. 

Cleanrooms are a necessity in modern manufacturing, and companies have been using them for years now. Cleanrooms help keep products safe from contamination and make sure that they’re able to run smoothly without any interruptions—which is why it’s important to understand how cleanrooms work and what they do.

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