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The Pinnacle of Modular Construction Excellence In the dynamic landscape of modern construction, one company has emerged as the undisputed leader, setting new standards for innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Allied Modular stands at the forefront of the modular construction...


It's a fact: the cleanroom industry is booming. Whether you're a large corporation or small startup, if you have any kind of manufacturing facility or laboratory—and especially if you work with high-risk or fragile materials—then having a cleanroom can be essential to success. But knowing how much space and how many worksurfaces to include in your new modular cleanroom? That's where things get complicated. It's not as simple as just looking at square footage and thinking about what might go on inside your new space. You'll also need to consider your budget, the volume of traffic that will come through every day (if any), whether there are any special requirements for humidity levels or temperature control, and plenty more factors besides!

Are you in need of a cleanroom for your business or laboratory? Look no further than Allied Cleanrooms. We get many questions from "captains of industry" - from pharma to farming, manufacturing to medical, from industrial to engineering... as buyers are looking for a best-in-class manufacturer of cleanroom. With three factories here in the United States - in California, Tennessee, and Texas - we are a top-rated cleanroom supplier. Our friendly engineering staff is happy to touch base with you one-on-one as to your cleanroom project and specifications.

So-called "hard construction" has many apparent advantages. Business owners often like the idea of "custom" construction, but "custom" can be less than it appears. On the other hand, modular construction might seem "rigid," but that is not the case. Ironically, modular construction including modular cleanroom construction can have impressive advantages that outweigh those of "hard construction." Let's investigate.

USP 797 is  a standard established by the United States Pharmacopeia Convention (USP), a scientific non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the quality of the American drug/ pharmaceutical supply, USP 797 also outlines the required procedures for compounding sterile drug preparations. 

If you’re considering designing and constructing a cleanroom, but aren’t exactly sure what ISO classifications are, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s air out some of the confusion. First of all, cleanrooms are classified by how pure the air is. Specifically, classifications are designed to categorize a cleanroom by the number of particles found in the lab’s air. The cleanroom classification standard ISO 14644- 1 uses particular particle count measurements to categorize the cleanliness or air purity level of a clean zone or cleanroom.
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