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Modular vs. Hard Construction: When Should You Prefer One to the Other?

So-called “hard construction” has many apparent advantages. Business owners often like the idea of “custom” construction, but “custom” can be less than it appears. On the other hand, modular construction might seem “rigid,” but that is not the case. Ironically, modular construction including modular cleanroom construction can have impressive advantages that outweigh those of “hard construction.” Let’s investigate.

Ideas about Modular Construction vs. ‘Hard’ Construction

When you’re renting a building, you don’t own it. And when you’re done with your lease, you have to return the building exactly as you received it—if not better. But what if the building is too small? Or what if the building is too big? What if there’s some kind of problem with the space, like not enough power or not enough room for a cleanroom? These are all common problems that can keep companies from moving into their dream office spaces. But modular cleanrooms are changing that—and making it easier for companies to find exactly what they need. Modular Cleanroom

Modular clean rooms allow you to build your own custom-sized space and move it to any location. You can disassemble and reassemble the room into smaller pieces, which makes moving them much easier than traditional construction methods. Using hard construction, it is more of a permit application every time you decide to make a change, you are filling the dumpster up with all of the components and buying new. This can be a costly venture over time.

Exploring the Modular Alternative

The “modular alternative,” in sum, can bring you the best of both worlds. Modular has the advantages of cost and time-to-market, but with modern construction techniques it is also customizable. Thus while the business owner might (mistakenly) believe that they need “hard construction” or a “customer build,” our approach shows the superiority of modular construction, even including for something as complex as a modular cleanroom. Reach out today for a free quote and analysis with one of our engineers specialists. We can work with you together on your modular cleanroom project, and you will see that there is no contraction between “custom” and “modular” when it comes to Allied Cleanrooms!

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