It seems like Cubesats are popping up all over the news lately, and one of the more notable projects is a nearly complete Cubesat which will be launching in just a few months, created by the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Three years of hard work and testing has gone into this small satellite, and the “ChargerSat1” was put through its final tests at Cal Poly.


Advances in technology have taken what was once a very long and expensive process of getting a satellite into orbit and making possible to complete in three years by a university.  The ChargerSat will be focused on three objectives:


• Improve communications for picosatellite operations

• Demonstrate passive nadir axis stabilization for picosatellite attitude

• Improve solar power collection for picosatellite operations


We’ll keep you posted on the launch of this and several other Cubesats next month, but in the mean time check out this informative article about the ChargerSat.

Photo by Mark Becnel/UAH Space Hardware Club