Scientists are always on the quest to better improve nanotechnology, and a recent breakthrough has occurred with a new stretchable conductor.  This new conductor has the potential to create bendable displays, flexible batteries and medical implants.


This new stretchable conductor works by embedding nanoparticles in an elastic material.  Finding a material that can still conduct while being stretched was very hard to find.  Scientists attempted all sorts of wire patterns to attempt this same result, but the polyurethane studded with gold nanoparticles allowed for the substance to stretch twice its own length and still provide good connectivity.


An electron microscope revealed how the whole process worked.  The particles rearranged themselves as the material stretched so that the connectivity was preserved.  This is an exciting advancement in technology, and we are looking forward to the products that will be developed.  Would you like to read more?  Check out this great article at Electronics News.