Although cleanrooms are used to create a host of products like flat screen televisions or medical devices, they are also used for research.  The University of Madison in Wisconsin is conducting some amazing stem cell research in their cleanroom.


Stem cells have been known as wonder cells that have the potential to re-grow organs and potentially repair areas of the body.  While those kinds of results are still a ways down the road, research is currently being conducted in that direction.  Here is what Derek Hei, the facility director at UW-Madison, had to say:


“The ability to form many types of specialized cells is at the essence of why we are so interested in stem cells, but this pluripotency is not always good.  The cells we can make from stem cells — cells for the heart, brain and liver — have amazing potential, but you can also end up with the wrong type of cell. If the cells are not fully differentiated, they can end up differentiating into the wrong cell type.”


Clinical trials still need to be conducted, but hopefully one day using stem cells to create new organs will become a reality.  You can read more at the University of Wisconsin-Madison website.