The semiconductor industry is a massive user of clean rooms that is continuing to show signs of growth.  Semiconductors are in a wide variety of different household electronics devices used by millions around the globe each day.  Semiconductors are found in computer tablets, Blu-ray players, digital cameras and many other devices.  A recent report at IDC shows that semiconductor production is continuing to rise.


One of the biggest areas of semiconductor growth will be seen through smart phones.  The demand for faster phones with better technology continues to rise, and the demand for lower cost smart phones in developing nations is also increasing.  Alternatively, the demand for semiconductors for the PC market continues to decline.


In conclusion, the IDC report said the semiconductor is expected to see continued gains with an expected revenue growth of about 6.9% and could reach $320 billion.  Would you like to read the full report?  Check out the article at IDC.com for more information.