NASA’s Orion spacecraft recently completed a very important test in Lockheed Martin’s facility in Sunnyvale, CA.  This test was regarding three massive panels that surround the spacecraft.  These panels help protect the spacecraft from heat, wind and other elements as the spacecraft leaves the Earth.


The area that these panels will be protecting is the service module which is below the crew capsule.  The service module will house the equipment for in-space propulsion, altitude controls and air and water for the astronauts.  Since the panels serve a very critical role, it is exciting to hear that they are functioning properly.


“Hardware separation events like this are absolutely critical to the mission and some of the more complicated things we do,” said Mark Geyer, Orion program manager at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. “We want to know we’ve got the design exactly right and that it can be counted on in space before we ever launch.”


You can read more about this test at NASA’s official site.