NASA’s cleanrooms are always hard at work, and they recently had a big breakthrough on their Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission.  This is a rather unique mission that aims to study the unique magnetic fields between the earth and the sun.  These fields transfer energy between them, and the MMS aims to provide new insight about this process.


The MMS recently assembled four major components at the same time.  The massive cleanroom at the Goddard Space Flight Center is regulated through very detailed schedules to track the progress of each component and has no problem holding all four large pieces.


“The logistics of building four of the same thing is a new challenge, one that really makes us push the boundaries of how we operate.  These are first-generation, new science observatories, and we’ve built them all at the same time. It’s been like a very intense game of musical chairs,” said Brent Robertson, the MMS deputy project manager at Goddard.


The MMS is an unmanned space mission and is scheduled to launch in 2014.