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Modular Cleanrooms: Bringing a New Standard of Excellence to the Industry

Application: Modular Cleanroom
Location: So Young America, San Dimas, CA

As part of the growing life sciences industry, California-based bioscience firm So Young America, Inc. was experiencing growth of its own. As an FDA-registered, GMP-ready/cGMP manufacturing facility for food, beverages and supplements, the organization looked to build out within its existing warehouse to accommodate its need for cleanroom space. The additions would provide much-needed room for R&D work, an organic chemistry lab and other labs devoted specifically to food production, according to Robert Tsai, President of So Young America. The project also would include additional warehouse storage as well as partitioning within So Young’s front office entryway.

There were three key criteria for the project: budget and timeline requirements as well as very specific standards for the cleanrooms. So Young determined it would seek a modular solution for the project – a decision that reinforces an emerging trend showing a surge in demand for modular hardwall cleanrooms largely due to flexibility in construction and low installation cost.

So Young contacted modular cleanroom experts at Allied Cleanrooms, who specialize in Class 10 to Class 100,000 (ISO 4 to ISO 8) pre-engineered and prefabricated cleanroom solutions. Meeting all key criteria, Allied Cleanrooms provided So Young with modular hardwall options that also offered quality, flexibility, and fast, efficient installation all within budget.

“Our sales rep played an important role,” Tsai added, emphasizing it was the upfront customer support and attention to detail from Allied Cleanrooms that really impressed him. “He was very professional, persistent and offered a lot of good advice.”

Allied Cleanrooms Solutions
So Young and Allied Cleanrooms collaborated on designs that would meet the firm’s numerous needs as well as special installation requirements and strict cleanroom standards.

The project included a 750 sq. ft., class 10,000, ISO 7 standalone cleanroom on the main floor of the warehouse with a second level mezzanine devoted to storage. Allied Cleanrooms also installed a 3,750 sq. ft., Class 100,000, ISO 8 modular cleanroom structure on the second floor of the facility on top of an existing wood mezzanine. Modular walls installed within the structure provided So Young with six separate work spaces that varied in size. The project included all necessary flooring, electrical, HEPA filters and fire suppression and HVAC systems to maintain the ISO requirements for these structures.

The result was two high-quality structures that not only met specific cleanroom standards, but also provided functional work and storage space and an impressive, pristine aesthetic.

Allied Cleanrooms also installed a modular wall and door with keypad lock in the lobby to separate the entry from the hallway leading to the work area. “We wanted that extra wall and door so there wasn’t access to walk directly into the work area,” Tsai explained, noting that the new look is not only functional and flexible but also attractive.

“I am very happy with the work,” he said. He also identified several standout aspects of the project:

Design Expertise. Tsai knew what the cleanroom structures would look like, but no formal designs had been produced. “The design work was already done in my mind,” he said. Tsai shared his vision with Allied Cleanrooms, who in turn provided him with the design and plans that reflected his vision precisely and satisfied all cleanroom requirements.

Superior Customer Support. The support of Allied Cleanrooms account and design managers early in the project was not only impressive but welcomed, Tsai noted, as he was provided with valuable advice and insights that helped bring definition to the So Young project.

Cost Effective, Flexible Solution. Falling within So Young’s budget requirements, the new cleanrooms became a cost-effective, high-quality solution which would also offer flexibility if needed down the road.

Professional, Seamless Installation. The pre-engineered and prefabricated modular panels made installation a seamless process despite special circumstances surrounding the installation. “This was a big job because it was done in an existing building where there were other floors that were already occupied,” he explained. Installation posed no disruption, which impressed him. “It all went very well. It was very professional.”