One of the world’s deepest cleanrooms is about a mile below ground at the Sanford Underground Research Facility.  This facility was once a gold mine but is now the home to a cleanroom used for some very unique research.  Unlike other cleanrooms, the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) is also a machine shop.


The SURF cleanroom is refining ultra pure copper and then getting it down to extremely cold temperatures.  This requires a  very clean machine shop and a refrigerator that is capable of reaching negative 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  The ultimate goal is to find “the anti-particle” which requires a very quiet, very clean and dark environment.


SURF is meticulously cleaned and boasts a floor that could literally be eaten off of it because it is so clean.  Cleanroom operators don full suits made of Tyvek jumpsuits as well as masks, hard hats and booties.  Furthermore, the cleanroom at SURF employs the use of an airlock chamber to ensure cleanliness.


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