We’ve kept you posted on all the updates with the James Webb Space Telescope, and now you’ll have a chance to interact with some of  NASA’s brightest women working on the project.


Popular social link sharing website, Reddit, will be conducting another one of their popular AMA’s, or Ask Me Anything, series.  AMA gives Reddit users a chance to write in their questions and dialogue with a guest or group of guests.  The AMA process has featured numerous celebrities, and we are very excited to hear that the women working on the Webb Telescope will be participating in this event.


The women featured in this event hold a wide variety of titles regarding the Webb project, and we’d venture to say at least a few of them have worked in NASA’s impressive cleanrooms.  Here are a list of the women who will be participating:


  • Allison Barto: Program Manager, previously Webb optical systems engineer
  • Christine Chen: Associate Astronomer, Webb MIRI Instrument Scientist
  • Pam Harris: Senior Resource Analyst
  • Stephanie Hopkins: Project Support Specialist
  • Amy Lo: Webb Alignments Thread Lead
  • Maggie Masetti: Webb Social Media/Website Lead
  • Stefanie Milam: Planetary Scientist
  • Nikki Rawlings: Senior Resources Analyst
  • Marcia Rieke: Professor of Astronomy & NIRCam Principal Investigator
  • Desiree Stover: Photographer
  • Amber Straughn: Astrophysicist
  • Shannon Valley: Legislative Affairs Specialist
  • Julie Van Campen: Webb ISIM Deputy Systems Engineer
  • Tracy Vogel: Editor/Writer


This discussion will take place on the TwoXChromosomes subreddit page tomorrow, September 26th at 2 p.m. EDT.  We’ll see you there!