Curiosity just recently celebrated its one year anniversary on Mars, and NASA is already preparing for its next mission to Mars.  The Mars and Volatile Evolution, or MAVEN, is currently being tested in a cleanroom facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in preparation for a November launch date.


The MAVEN will be used to study the red planet’s atmosphere, and hopefully produce some fantastic data readings about the loss of atmospheric gas which played a role in the planet’s current climate.  Furthermore, this data will help scientists find clues to paint a picture of what Mars’ Atmosphere used to look like.


“MAVEN is not going to detect life,” said Bruce Jakosky, planetary scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder and MAVEN’s principal investigator. “But it will help us understand the climate history, which is the history of its habitability.”


Stay tuned; we’ll keep you up to date on the progress of this mission.  Be sure to check out NASA’s official MAVEN press release for more information.