Hubble Telescope, Lego Kits, & Modular Construction


Did you know LEGO has an idea website where fans can vote on designs?  These fans submitted designs are then voted on, and do have the potential to become an actual LEGO kit.  One of the latest options in the running is the Hubble Telescope.


The Hubble Telescope just recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and has been delivering amazing pictures of the universe ever since.  The set has the potential to be a big hit with space enthusiasts as well as LEGO fans.


The Hubble Space Telescope was actually created in one of NASA’s cleanrooms.  Like all things sent into space, the cleanroom provides a controlled environment in which the telescope could be worked on.  NASA cleanrooms are very large and are charged with keeping particulates at bay to ensure two vital functions.


First and foremost, NASA’s cleanrooms help ensure microorganisms don’t leave Earth and mistakenly catch a ride into space.  The reason being is these tiny organisms could potentially be mistaken for the hunt for life outside our planet.


The other reason cleanrooms are used is to protect many of the sensitive instruments that are used on these spacecraft.  These electronics may range from lenses to measuring devices, but the cleanroom provides an environment which keep dust, particulates, and other harmful things away from machinery.


We are a big fan of LEGO as it is an easy way to illustrate how we use modular construction in our cleanroom creation process.  In essence, it is similar to a building process using different segments, or blocks, without all the downsides of traditional construction methods.


Our cleanroom building blocks are created at one of our three U.S. based production facilities.  Within these facilities we can fabricate all the major components of the cleanroom starting with our wall systems.  Our wall systems are incredibly versatile with a wide range of configurable options based on the needs of your cleanroom and the processes you will be conducting.


After all the wall systems and other integral cleanroom elements are completed they are shipped from our facility to your build site.  Once the cleanroom has arrived, our highly skilled, factory- trained installers will assemble the wall system, air handling, and other parts of the cleanroom.  Lastly, the cleanroom is tested to make sure everything is functioning properly.


Would you like to learn more?  Visit our website to learn more, or you can call us at 800-962-3058 to speak with one of our cleanroom experts.