We specialize in working with companies to take their cleanroom projects from the concept stage all the way through to completion. Our engineering and cleanroom design teams are highly skilled and experienced in the e-liquid manufacturing process. We focus on taking the time to learn about your process and develop a system custom tailored for your needs.

ISO 7 and ISO 8 E-Liquid manufacturing Cleanroom
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Specialized E-Liquid Clean Rooms

E-Cigarettes have been growing in popularity, and the production of e-liquids (or “smoke juice”) is rumored to be regulated by the FDA very soon. E-Liquid manufactures are now turning towards modular cleanrooms for the following reason:

  • Ensure a high level of quality control
  • Controlled environment for keeping contaminates at bay
  • Scalable for the increased production demand & expanded sales

Modular cleanrooms offer a unique flexibility that allows cleanrooms to be easily scaled in size as well as custom built to the needs of the e-liquid manufacturer. Unlike traditional methods of construction, modular construction is not only better for the environment but is also built significantly faster.

Allied Cleanrooms specializes in creating modular cleanrooms for e-liquid manufacturing, and boasts over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. In addition e-liquid manufacturing cleanrooms, Allied Cleanrooms has also created cleanrooms for NASA, Fermilabs, and the U.S. Air Force

Although each cleanroom is custom built for the needs of the smoke juice manufacturer, they do share many of the same features. These cleanrooms are typically rated for ISO7 or ISO8, and are equipped with some of the following options:

  • Mixing Rooms and Cutting Rooms
  • Bottling and Labeling
  • Gowning Rooms
  • Pass Thru’s
  • Temperature Control
  • Air Lock for Raw Material

Are you building a cleanroom for the manufacturing e-liquids? Contact us today to speak with one of our cleanroom design specialists to learn how we can help.

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