Glove shows its true colors

Hazardous materials are no stranger to clean rooms.  Many companies have built specialized clean rooms with extra tools for handling substances and processes that are potentially harmful and or toxic.  One of the newest tools that will be available to this industry is color changing gloves.


Fraunhofer Research Institute has created a new type of glove that changes color when exposed to certain toxic substances.  They’ve created this glove as an extra means of protection against harmful substances that often cannot be detected by the five human senses.  The gloves basically turn from white to blue when they are around toxic substances through specially tailor made dyes.  These dyes are built into the textile of the actual glove and do not escape when the gloves change color.


Although Fraunhofer said their textiles could be made into other things besides gloves, they didn’t elaborate much further.   Clean rooms are such sensitive environments, and we are curious to know what the “textiles” are made out of in these color changing gloves.  The other big question is how much these gloves will cost.


We will keep you posted as we hear more information and if you are in Nuremberg you can see the gloves at the Sensor + Trade Show from May 14 – May 16.  In the meantime, visit the official website for more information.