The e-Liquids industry is growing at an incredibly fast rate.  It is becoming increasingly common to see “vape” stores in retail locations around the world, and more and more people are using e-cigarettes.  While this technology has been around for years, it has just recently become mainstream.


Since the explosive growth in popularity of e-liquids the FDA has taken notice and even made some claims that government regulations will be coming to this industry in the future.  No one knows the exact date of when this will happen, but many e-liquids manufacturers are getting ready.


Although the details are not specific yet, most agree that the regulations will center on how the e-liquids are manufactured.  Right now there are no official industry standards in place, and many of the liquids are being imported from overseas.  Typically speaking, most e-liquids are even manufactured without batch numbers and don’t have the means of tracking  back to the original manufacturer.


For e-liquid manufacturers quality control, batching, and consistently contamination- free production matters greatly.  The best way to maintain all those factors is through a controlled environment, and this is most easily accomplished through a cleanroom.


Allied Cleanrooms has been creating high quality cleanrooms for a wide variety of companies and organizations like NASA, Fermilabs, and CareFusion.  For over 25 years Allied Cleanrooms has been an industry leader in the cleanrooms industry and with the explosive growth that has come with the e-liquids production we are able to apply all of our hard work and experience to creating specialized cleanrooms specifically tailored for this industry.


We’ve recently worked with several Southern California- based e-liquids producers to create a clean and controlled workspace.  Based on the needs of these companies, we’ve added customized options like ante rooms, pass thru’s, and additional processing areas which allow the liquids to be batched and numbered.  Using a cleanroom for e-liquids not only ensures a superior product, but also prevents contamination.


Allied Cleanrooms uses a faster and greener method of building called modular construction.  This process allows us to create the highest quality cleanrooms quickly and efficiently.  It is only a matter of time before the FDA regulations come through for the e-liquids industry, and having a cleanroom will help your company be ready for those regulations.


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