It is a well known fact that NASA has some of the best cleanrooms around.  Inside these cleanrooms space craft are tested and developed before they leave Earth.


NASA will be hosting a press conference soon about the upcoming MAVEN mission which will focus on Mars.  The press conference will be held in the conference room, and NASA has issued some very strict regulations.  Here are some of the highlights of what members of the press will need to adhere to:


  • Full cleanroom attire (bunny suit provided by NASA)
  • Perfume, cologne and makeup are prohibited
  • Long pants and closed- toed shoes are required
  • No shorts or skirts
  • Paper, pencils and click- type pens are prohibited. (NASA will provide paper and pens)
  • No food, gum, tobacco, lighters or matches will be allowed


NASA has also issued a set of rules and guidelines for bringing in cameras and recording equipment.  Before any of the materials can be brought into the cleanroom, they must  first be cleaned under the supervision of a NASA contamination control specialist.  Here are the rules for equipment:


  • No portable lights
  • No excess bags (leather/vinyl camera bags and/ or other cases)
  • No cell phones
  • No wireless microphones
  • Electronic flash is okay


Cleanrooms are very sensitive environments, and it isn’t surprising that these rules are required for a media visit.  The MAVEN mission the press will be hearing about is focused on exploring and understanding the planet’s upper atmosphere.


We’ll keep you posted as more information is released about the MAVEN.