Cleanrooms have a broad spectrum of uses that range from producing medical devices to satellites.  The famous computer and microchip manufacturer Fujitsu is using cleanrooms for a very unique process.


One of the amazing aspects of cleanrooms is their unique ability to control many aspects of the room like temperature, humidity and airflow.  Fujitsu is using these controlled environments to grow a special kind of lettuce.


By controlling the conditions in which the lettuce grows they can limit the amount of potassium.  This is important for people with kidney issues as they need to limit the amount of potassium they consume.  The controlled conditions also limit the amount of nitrogen found in the lettuce.  This removes the bitter taste and makes the lettuce taste much better.


Right now the cleanroom- grown lettuce is only available in Japan, but Fujitsu is looking at plans to expand their operations.  As to be expected, the cleanroom lettuce will cost several times more than lettuce grown outdoors.  Check out this video to see an inside look into their facility:



This is an exciting technical innovation, and we look forward to seeing how cleanrooms will be used in growing food in the future.


h/t RocketNews