Although most people don’t know it, cleanrooms are a necessary part of the production process for a wide variety of products people use every day.  Although there are a number of common things cleanrooms are associated with, like satellites and other electronics they are also used for food.


Unfortunately, food contamination stories are seen quite often in the news.  The cause of the contamination can come from many different places, but the end result could have drastic effects.  Preventing contamination is very important, and cleanrooms can certainly help in the process.


For food packaging and creation, cleanrooms provide an environment that is highly controlled.  Besides keeping contaminates at bay, cleanrooms also provide the optimal environment for packaging food.  Some cleanrooms, like modular cleanrooms, offer high degrees of customization which creates a custom solution for food packaging.


As you might expect, different foods, drinks, and other consumables all come with their own set of cleanliness needs.  Modular cleanrooms can provide an environment that is conducive to all these products.  Cleanrooms have various needs for air handling which range from humidity, a very tight temperature range, or even positive or negative air pressure within the room.


Cleanrooms are ranked on their cleanliness by classes or ISOs, which correlate to the level of particulates in the air.  As mentioned above, the air in cleanrooms is very important, and particulates are kept out through the use of HEPA filters.


Each operation is set up a little differently, but modular cleanrooms offer varying degrees of cleanliness (different ISOs/classes) throughout the cleanroom.  This means that parts of the room could be tailored for a specific process, and then other parts of the cleanroom could be used for less critically clean aspects of production.


Modular cleanrooms also have the added benefit of flexibility.  Modular walls can be moved, removed, or rearranged based on future needs of the company.  Traditionally built cleanrooms are quite rigid, and once walls are up they can’t be changed without a major remodel.


As to be expected, each cleanroom is a little different, and each have their own unique design.  At Allied Cleanrooms we’ve been skillfully designing and installing cleanrooms for over 25 years.  We’ve created cleanrooms for a wide variety of industries, including electronics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, as well as food and beverage.  Our cleanrooms are custom made for each of our clients, and we have worked with companies big and small.


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