Do you want to find one of the cleanest places on the planet?  Look no further than a cleanroom that works on spacecrafts.  These are some of the cleanest environments on the planet, and for a few very good reasons.


Cleanrooms that are part of NASA or the ESA are used to prep spacecraft before leaving Earth.  The spacecraft leaving Earth often have millions of dollars worth of sensitive electronics.  The cleanroom environment ensures that these sensitive components are functioning properly and aren’t exposed to contamination that could jeopardize the mission.


Additionally, cleanrooms help ensure that tiny microbes from Earth don’t catch a free ride into space.  These microbes could potentially negatively impact another planet or asteroid.  These microbes or bacteria could also lead to a false positive in the search for life outside of Earth.


Amongst the many duties of the cleanroom personnel is to go through specialized cleaning procedures to keep microbes at bay.  Cleanroom workers wear an impressive array of specialized clothing to keep the workers from potentially contaminating the cleanroom.


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