Did you ever wonder how movie theaters work?  Did you know that cleanrooms help create the most modern movie theater experience?  Things used to be fairly simple with a roll of film and a projector, but things have changed dramatically to the high definition we see today.


Christie Digital is one of the largest and most well known digital projector brands.  These projectors are state- of- the- art and produce and incredibly vivid picture.  The process to create a Christie Digital projector starts in the cleanroom.  The projects are assembled and stored in a Class 10,000 room, and the optics are created in an even cleaner Class 1,000 room.


From these cleanrooms 8 different models of projector are made and can be configured into 20 different configurations.  Christie has a unique strategy to build these projectors to 90-95% completion and store them in a cleanroom.  Once a customer places the order, the projector is configured and shipped within 24 hours.


Would you like to know more about the Christie’s cleanrooms and projectors?  Check out this great article on Canadian Manufacturing’s website.