Education is continually changing, and many universities are now offering hands on training and education for some unique professions.  The University of Arizona recently created a program that would give students the ability to learn and provide hands on experience within a fully functioning cleanroom.   This course offered in conjunction with this cleanroom will […]

Advances in nanotechnology continue to progress, and we always enjoy hearing about the latest discoveries.  One of the latest leaps forward in nanotech comes via a very common ingredient.   Researchers at Oregon State have found that by using ordinary table salt comes the potential to change how silicon nanostructures are made.  The use of […]

The semiconductor industry is a massive user of clean rooms that is continuing to show signs of growth.  Semiconductors are in a wide variety of different household electronics devices used by millions around the globe each day.  Semiconductors are found in computer tablets, Blu-ray players, digital cameras and many other devices.  A recent report at […]