While clean rooms maintain a carefully monitored environment free of contaminating particles and humidity, there are nevertheless some things to consider when it comes to dealing with a cleanroom work environment. Staff should wear full protective coverings such as hoods, specially designed jumpsuits, shoe covers or special boots, and whatever else is necessary to conduct […]

Processes of an environmentally sensitive nature require clean rooms that can keep air contaminants out of the workspace. The manufacturing of microprocessors, the biological research of cultures, and the study of minerals found in space involve extremely sensitive processes that could be ruined by the slightest contamination. Keeping this in mind, workers are required to […]

According to industry cleaners, possibly a quarter of cleanrooms maintain a serious and thorough cleaning schedule for their cleanrooms, which leaves a almost three quarters of clean rooms open to contamination, possibly necessitating the replacement of filters, vents, equipment, or a reworking of the clean room itself, which could lead to costly downtime. Clean rooms […]

Sensitive processes like scientific and pharmaceutical research, microprocessor manufacturing, and culture development require sensitive environments. Critical environments, also called clean rooms, can provide for those environments, but they have to be designed very carefully to carry out such technical functions. Clean rooms are complex and can be costly, so they have to be done right. […]