Remember the ARKYD space telescope we wrote about a few weeks ago?  Planetary Resources reached their funding goal of $1.5 million dollars over their 33 day campaign!  Thousands of people made financial commitments to help get this satellite off the ground, and many  will get their “selfie” photos beamed into space.


This is actually quite important news, as this will be the first space telescope that is available for public use.  This telescope will provide a very unique resource to schools and universities.  Here is what Chris Lewicki, president of Planetary Resources, had to say:


“As the Flight Director for  NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity Mars rover missions and Mission Manager for the Mars Phoenix lander surface operations, I know first-hand the spectacular experience of exploring space. I’m incredibly excited to share this experience with students and citizen scientists everywhere.”


This is an exciting time for space exploration, and the ARKYD is expected to launch in 2015.


h/t Planetary Resources