Cleanrooms are continually used to help people in a variety of different ways.  One of the latest projects, through Planetary Resources, will help average people have an up-close and personal look at outer space.  Furthermore, they are using the internet to fund this project.


Planetary Resources is launching a telescope, named the ARKYD, through the popular crowd funding website Kickstarter.  They are looking to raise $1,000,000 for the construction and launch of this new telescope which offers some very unique features.  One of the features that is being used to get financial backers is a small digital screen and camera on the telescope.  For a $25 pledge, you can have your photo displayed on the screen, and then a picture is taken of the screen while orbiting Earth.



The ARKYD telescope will let users rent the telescope for an allotted period of time for their own use.  You can peruse the galaxy or have a closer look at the planets in our solar system.  The ARKYD telescope will also have the added benefit of allowing telescope time to be donated to schools and universities.


Like all things sent into space, the ARKYD will be constructed in a cleanroom.  This is to make sure that none of the technology is harmed by particulates and so that it does not contaminate space.  To put things into perspective, many years ago NASA’s Hubble Telescope had a fogged lens  due to the cologne worn by a cleanroom worker.  Items in space are incredibly difficult and costly to work on; cleanrooms minimize this risk.


In conclusion, the ARKYD is a real game-changer which will give the general public unparalleled access to outer space.  Additionally, this will be a great resource for students to learn more about the universe.  To learn more about the ARKYD visit their Kickstarter page.