Do you remember those small satellites we wrote about?  CubeSat is a satellite about the size of a tissue box and will give students and the public a unique look at space.  A joint venture through Kickstarter called ArduSat will create Cubesats with the Arduino platform.  They have recently reached their funding goal and expect to be on a cargo shipment in December of 2013.  Check out the video from their successful Kickstarter campaign:

Ardusats will catch a free ride into space via a NASA program and will launch from the International Space Station.  From there the mini satellites will last about three months collecting data, taking pictures, weather readings, etc.  After three months the Ardusats will inflate a 70- foot wide balloon which will drag the satellite back to Earth.  This leads to an easy disposal of a small satellite as it breaks up in the atmosphere, and the price is low enough that they can be continually sent into space.  We’ll keep you posted when the Ardusats launch.

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h/t NBC