Despite what you’ve seen in the big Hollywood blockbusters, Earth isn’t just a few beats away from a head- on collision course with a bunch of asteroids.  Since asteroids and other objects do abound around in the space around us, NASA has several unique telescopes that keep an eye peeled for asteroids close by.


These telescopes use infrared technology to scan the skies and track asteroids that are close by.  An asteroid is actually going to pass close to Earth soon and has been named  HQ124 and is between 800 and 1300 feet in size.


NASA engineers have determined that there is zero chance of HQ124 hitting Earth, but it will pass within about a million miles from Earth which is about 3.2 times the distance from the moon to the Earth.


Would you like to learn more about objects that are passing close to Earth?  Visit NASA’s Asteroid Watch for more information.