2D Robot Landers Could Be The Future Of Space Exploration


We are continually impressed with NASA’s endeavors to improve the way we explore space.  One theory on future spacecraft is to make them smaller, which leads to a lower cost for transportation.


One of NASA’s futuristic projects would involve replacing rovers all together in flat sheets that would be dropped from high in the sky.  These blanket-esque devices would float down like magic carpets and gracefully touch down on the surface.  These flat robots could be equipped with a host of electronics that might include cameras, sensors, and even small feet to move around.


One of the main advantages of a device like this would allow them to be spread over a large area, and also offer better chances of collecting data.  If perhaps one or several of these landers weren’t to survive the voyage, it wouldn’t’ be a complete loss, as there are plenty of others still capturing data.


These two- dimensional space explorers will be about 3- feet by 3-feet and arrive at another moon or planet via another ship.  There has been a grant awarded for this project, and DARPA has even helped.  There isn’t a fixed date for when we’ll see these 2D explorers, but we think it probably won’t be that far away.


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