The James Webb Telescope has reached another milestone as the backplane of the telescope was transported to the Marshall Center for testing.  Space is an incredibly harsh environment, and the various components of the telescope need to be tested.   Within the backbone for the Webb telescope are 18 beryllium mirrors.  Similar in concept to […]

NASA is launching a new Earth- centered mission which will monitor a variety of items on our planet, and to promote these missions a handful of journalists were allowed entry in the cleanroom at JPL.  In preparation for entry into the cleanroom, reporters were required to clean their cameras and other equipment with rubbing alcohol […]

A host of reporters were recently invited to visit JPL’s cleanroom in Southern California.  Reporters got to see an up- close- and- personal  look of these critical environments.  JPL is known for making all sorts of satellites and other spacecraft that leave Earth, and having a cleanroom is a necessary part of the process.   […]

Compounding pharmacies are a very unique usage for cleanrooms.  These critical environments must comply with USP 797 regulations which are specifically designed to keep these rooms up to cleanliness standards.  Because these rooms make many different types of medicines, if the equipment or the medicines become contaminated, the results could be fatal.   The FDA […]