We are amazed at the continual advances in nanotechnology and its transition from highly specialized applications to everyday usage.  One of the latest breakthroughs with nanotechnology can potentially lead to lighter laptops.   Research led by the University of Akron, a team of researchers has created new materials that function in nanoscale.  Using a method […]

Scientists are always on the quest to better improve nanotechnology, and a recent breakthrough has occurred with a new stretchable conductor.  This new conductor has the potential to create bendable displays, flexible batteries and medical implants.   This new stretchable conductor works by embedding nanoparticles in an elastic material.  Finding a material that can still […]

Did you ever wonder how movie theaters work?  Did you know that cleanrooms help create the most modern movie theater experience?  Things used to be fairly simple with a roll of film and a projector, but things have changed dramatically to the high definition we see today.   Christie Digital is one of the largest […]

NASA has recently had a breakthrough with some new developments in nanotechnology.   Carbon nanotubes are used in all sorts of devices and are most commonly known to the public through carbon fiber tennis rackets and bike frames.  NASA has improved upon nanotubes by using a process called atomic layer disposition.  This allows for the nanotubes […]