Cleanrooms are used for the creation of all sorts of products ranging from televisions to medicines.  One of the most unique products produced in a cleanroom is a new microphone that “sees” sound.  A company named SINTEF has developed some great technology to greatly improve microphones.   SINTEF’s microphones include a tiny optical position sensor […]

A new “electronic nose” has been developed that can sniff out harmful airborne substances.  It was developed by UCR and is being brought to market through ieCrowd.  This electronic nose can stand guard and detect deadly pathogens or harmful substances.   The nose works by using a nano-sensor array that sniffs out small quantities of […]

As you are well aware, cleanrooms are held to a very high cleanliness standard.  Some cleanrooms that work with compounding pharmaceuticals are held to additional regulations through USP 797.  Recently there have been several news stories in which contamination in these cleanrooms led to the deaths of 58  people and the sickness of many others. […]

It can never be understated as to how important the cleanliness standard is in the cleanroom.  If standards aren’t followed the consequences could be monumental.  A Tennessee pharmacy cleanroom recently violated these cleanroom standards.   In addition to standard cleanliness regulations, cleanrooms that handle pharmaceutical compounding are also held to USP 797 regulations.  These regulations […]

The Webb telescope recently hit a milestone, as the telescope’s backbone, also known as the back-plane support system, was completed.  From this frame is where all other pieces of the telescope will connect, such as the wings, optics systems and integrated science instrument model.  Completing the backbone is a major step along the way toward […]

From NASA’s cleanroom in the Goddard Space Flight Center comes a new satellite that will be used to observe the sun.  The IRIS (Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph) will be studying an area near the sun’s surface called the enigmatic region.  As to be expected, this area is extremely hot (about 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit) and […]